Socal d3

retro slot car racing


2006 will be remembered as the rebirth of the Golden Age of slot car racing here in Southern California. It’s been 40 years since the first Rod and Custom Magazine slot car race.  The golden years were 1966-1968.

Famous racers of the day such as Mike Steube, Terry Schmid, John Cukras, John (Tore) Anderson, Bryan Warmack, Lee Hines and motor builder extraordinaire Pete Zimmerman were in the limelight quite often in the 60’s.

Today we are experiencing a rebirth of those golden years of slot car racing at Buena Park Raceway in Southern California. The rebirth began in 2006 when Paul Sterrett and Mike Steube shared a common vision to recreate the scratchbuilding racing days of 40 years ago. This time, they wanted to capture the fun, creative scratchbuilding, competitive racing with low cost 1/24 slot cars.

The fun aspect is the focus of this new form of racing called “D3”.  Many racers from the golden age are regular participants in D3 racing at BPR.

For more info on D3 racing, click on the “About D3” at the top of this webpage.


L-R, Mike Steube, Bryan Warmack and John Cukras on the podium again 40 years later!         

         D3 cars are built and raced in the spirit of the Golden Age of Slot Car Racing.

The Rebirth of the Golden Age

Old pros return after 4 decades:  Back Row, L-R, Pete Zimmerman, John Cukras, John Tore Anderson, Bryan Warmack, Lee Hines.

Front row: Mike Steube, Philippe de Lespinay, Keith Tanaka